Elder had a basketball game last Friday in a neighboring school district. Although I was vaguely familiar with the town, I had never visited the high school, and the dark night complicated my search.

“I think I just missed my turn,” I muttered, squinting at the small stretch of highway visible in the light falling from my headlights.

Not even lifting his eyes from the bright screen of his handheld game, Younger drolly asked, “Again?”

In my defense, I didn’t get lost. I always knew exactly where I was. I just wasn’t always where I intended to be.

And I didn’t need the comment on the obvious. So, I probably shouldn’t have laughed.

Another obvious comment.

I guess that would be where he gets it.


2 responses to “Obviously

    • Oh, the boys would make you laugh, but you’d also have endure all the conversations on math. There’s a smudge on the passenger side window where I’ve consistently beat my head during those discussions. 😛

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