Fur Balls of Evil

Along with our two on-the-bigger-side-of-medium, more-indoor-than-outdoor dogs, we also have three cats, two of which are actually giant fur balls with eyes. They sit on the porch staring through the glass door at the dogs sprawled on comfortable pillows, their feline heads tilted inquiringly to the side as they try to surmise how the interlopers managed to gain access beyond the garage.

And I sit on the sofa, determinedly avoiding the accusing glances that they inevitably throw towards their humans.

So, I guess, the biggest fur ball decided to take his revenge at the first opportunity.

During the winter, the cats reside in our garage, as does our freezer. Needing to retrieve a package of meat for dinner, I tried to encourage the pale yellow cat perched in the middle of the chipped, white lid to find another resting spot. Instead, he settled a little more comfortably in his position.

Then he smirked at me.

So, I lifted the lid slowly, thinking he would grasp my intentions. Apparently, he didn’t, his claws attempting to dig into the freezer as he fought to maintain his balance on the sudden slant. Figuring I could work with the small space I had managed to create between the lid and the freezer, I bent to peer into the icy interior.

And that’s when he decided to jump.


Into my face.

I was choking on a sudden mouthful of pale yellow fur, so I would have to admit my hearing might have been compromised. But…

I know I heard pure evil in that cat’s laugh.


4 responses to “Fur Balls of Evil

  1. When my girls wake and find the cat on their chest, staring them in the face, they think it’s sweet. I told them he’s just thinking about how to do us in before he takes over the world.

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