I Know You

The day after Memorial Day, Elder left on a band trip for Washington, D.C. He returned the next Sunday, leaving the two of us with exactly four days to unpack his suitcases, launder clothes, and repack suitcases for a weekend football camp immediately followed by three weeks at the Scholar’s Academy.

I might have been a little stressed, especially as he had football practice every night of those four days.

And, when I’m stressed, I tend to worry my companions with questions.

Lots of questions.

And, a little before midnight on his first day at the camp, Elder texted me, apparently trying to answer all the questions I might want to ask at once:

“I love u mom. I had a good day. Yes the final checkin time Sunday is noon. I did have my jersey. The worst I got hurt today was I developed a blister on my foot. And the worst thing that happened was McDonalds was closed on the way up here and we went to a truck stop/wendy’s. The only thing I forgot was a towel. I love u and see u sunday.”

You know, as a parent, I realize how well I know my child.

I’m coming to understand exactly how well they know me.

That might be a problem.


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