Selective Genius

When I asked the three males in my life why a bean might pop in the microwave, all three answered me at once.

When I asked the three males in my life why my microwave was covered in dried, splattered food despite a conveniently placed plate cover, no one could offer even an educated opinion.

I guess we can’t all know everything.


Missing It

Younger has been working on the farm with his grandpa, getting hot and dirty, enjoying his summer chasing cows and baling hay. So, I wasn’t too terribly surprised when his grandpa warned us Younger might be particularly sore one night.

“What’d you do?” I asked him, distractedly, gathering the necessities for our dinner.

“He got thrown from the 4-wheeler,” my husband informed me, successfully snagging my full attention. At my frown, aware of my ambivalence towards the all-terrain vehicles, he shrugged, “He found a hole.”

“I didn’t find a hole,” Younger denied. “I just…lost the ground.”

Because there’s a difference, I suppose.

Maybe I need the Y chromosome to see it.

Weight Watchers

“You know what amazes me?” Younger asked at the dinner table last night. “How much whales weigh. And all they eat is plankton. Plankton. But,” he continued after a moment, “you know, I bet it’s mostly water weight, anyway.”

Then he grinned.

Someone keeps encouraging that child.

And I’m afraid it may be me.

It’s History

With an undergraduate degree in history, I tend to watch documentaries, and yesterday, on the 4th of July, I tuned into one on — naturally — the American Revolution.

And, of course, I encouraged the boys to watch with me.

“Sorry, Mom,” Elder said, offering me a hug in consolation. “But I feel that I’m already an expert on the Revolutionary War.” When I looked at him with furrowed brow, he added, “From Assassin’s Creed.”

A video game.

He’s an expert on the Revolutionary War because of a video game.

Think of the years others waste reading and researching.

If they only knew that all they really need is an X-Box.