In Your Own Words

My boys have been fairly boring this week, so I thought I would share an old story from back when Elder was four years old and Younger just one. Hope you enjoy…

Believe it or not, children really do listen to everything you say.

Elder often attempts to deflect attention from him by pointing his finger at Younger, to which I always respond, “You worry about yourself. I’ll worry about him.”

Now, I have had to say this so often that I previously believed that perfectly acceptable English somehow transformed into complete gibberish upon entering the ear canal of my four year old. However, Elder must have a special compartment in his brain that automatically converts complete gibberish back into perfectly acceptable English when it is to his benefit.

Sunday, when we were preparing for Sunday School, I had to repeatedly instruct Elder to change his clothes. About the third time that I walked through the living room and found him still in his nightshirt, he realized — I think because I was stalking towards him rather menacingly — that my patience had drawn to a sudden end.

Snatching his shirt with one hand, he shook a finger in my direction and told me, “You worry about yourself. I’ll worry about me.”


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