A month or so ago, I bought a bag of chocolate chips, just in case I or, more likely, Elder had a sudden whim to bake some cookies. Then the other day, when I opened my refrigerator door, I found the bag on the shelf, opened and half-eaten.

Apparently, Elder had a whim, but it didn’t require any baking.

Then last week I opened the refrigerator door to find the bag completely empty and discarded carelessly on the shelf rather than in the trash can positioned only two steps away.

“Well,” Elder drawled in response to my small burst of frustration, “at least I didn’t eat the whole bag in a day or two. It took me about three weeks to eat them all.”

Apparently, it’s all in the perspective.

His is from the one who got to eat the whole bag of chocolate chips.

Mine is from the one who had to take out the trash.

Maybe we all would do better with our own stash of indulgence.


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