Fairy Tales

The place I work is basically a small computer lab where individuals from the community can access high speed internet. During the summer, an overwhelming number of those individuals were young, barely-teenage girls spending five to eight hours on Facebook and in chat rooms.

“So,” Younger asked the other day, having overheard a few of my frustrations over the last several weeks. “Did you have to deal with the giggly girls today?”

“I just need to learn a little patience,” I sighed with a shrug of my shoulders. “After all, I was a giggly girl, too, once upon a time.”

“You? I don’t believe it.” He looked at me sideways, managing a sweep from my head to my toes. “Not you. Nah.”

Apparently, he’s bought the whole adult-mother-of-two package I’ve been selling for seventeen years.

But I’m still pretty sure I was a giggly girl…once upon a time, in a land far, far away…


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