Public Displays

Even at the age of seventeen, Elder is still willing to dole out hugs in public. Younger, on the other hand, wouldn’t even let me walk him into the school building his first day of first grade.

So, yesterday morning, when I pulled into the circle drive of the Middle School, I reached across the bench seat of the truck to pat Younger’s shoulder in farewell. “Have a good day. I love you.” Then I added with a teasing sideways glance, “I guess you won’t let me give you a quick kiss, maybe just on top of your head there?”

“Uh, no,” Younger responded, reaching to release his seatbelt.

“I know,” I exaggerated a sigh, placing a palm against my chest. “It hurts my heart.”

Younger paused to stick his hand in my direction, offering, “Handshake?”

I pumped his hand. “It was nice doing business with ya.”

He grinned, clambering down from the truck. “Bye, Mom.”

I wonder if he’ll have the same aversion to public displays of affection on his wedding day and only share a quick handshake with his new bride.

Actually, now that I think on it, if I can’t get a kiss, she better not either.

Stop your laughing.


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