Let’s Have a Party

With two dogs, the fight against dog hair is constant. So, last week, I shoved the vacuum into Younger’s hands and pointed him towards his bathroom. When I was assured he had the chore under control, I turned to my own task, only to catch, from the corner of my eye, him performing some kind of rock star move, thrusting the hose at an angle triumphantly above his head.

Curious, I started to twist back towards him when I heard, “I caught a fly! Hey, I caught a fly!” Laughing, he hurried over to thump my arm. “I caught a fly!” Then he rushed back to search for the fly in the clear plastic canister of the vacuum. “Huh, I caught a fly.”

I don’t know, but I think if he has that much fun with a vacuum cleaner, he can have an absolute party with a washing machine.


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