Them’s Fightin’ Words

The other day, Elder and I were in the parking lot of the grocery store when he suddenly demanded that I drive by a “slug bug.” For some reason, he found the painted racing flames highly amusing. And snapping a picture with his phone, he announced, “I’m gonna send that picture to Alex with a comment. It’ll make him mad.”

Confused as to the humor of a Volkswagen’s color scheme, but completely lost as to its trigger for anger in his friend, I objected to the one part I clearly understood. “Why send Alex something that will make him mad?” With a shrug of my shoulders, I sighed, “Boys are mean.”

“Alex won’t really be mad. Guys always say mean things and we don’t care. Girls say nice things and they don’t mean them.”

My mouth fell open. “If I say nice things, I mean them, Elder.”

“Women just need to stop taking everything so serious. If women ruled the world, we’d be at war with half the world and not talking to the other half.”

I don’t know about the world…

But in our little truck…

We had a woman at war.


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