Blowing in the Wind

Today, I thought I would share an old story from 2001. Elder would have been barely five and Younger barely two…

I reduced my hours at work to less than ten a week, so that I could spend more time with the boys. Elder bawled when I told him. So, we enrolled him in pre-school. Then Younger cried to go to school.

“No, Elder go school,” he wailed as I carried him under my arm, withstanding his kicking and thrashing stoically. “Younger go school.” Then as I pulled the car away from the curb, he yelled, “No, no, go that way.” And he pointed back over his shoulder. “Younger go school.”

Feeling loved and appreciated, I decided Elder could cross the small yard to the school without my company. I hoped Younger would not be quite so distressed, if he didn’t see the toys. So, now, Elder, who would barely acknowledge my farewell when we stepped into his room, actually stands on the sidewalk, blowing kisses and assuring me that he loves me — which has been nice.

At least until he started rolling down the windows before climbing out of the car.

“Elder,” I told him, shivering in the cool air. “Don’t.”

“But I want my kisses to be able to reach you. Can they go through windows?”

So, now, every morning, I roll down one window. But I haven’t managed to stop the questions.

“Mommy, does kisses only go to mommies?”

“It depends on who you blow them to, sweetie.”

“What if they run into the TV?”

“They won’t, honey.”

“Can they blow kisses from inside the TV to us?”

“Well, now, I suppose that depends on the situation.”

“Mommy, how do kisses know where to go? Do they just kind of fly around?”

“Elder, they go wherever you blow them.”

He smacked four kisses into the air. “How do you catch them? Can you see them?”

Now, someone please tell me, is this normal? Do other mothers get questioned on the dynamics of flying kisses? Is this something I can look up in an encyclopedia somewhere?

And I thought I sent him to school so he could ask someone else these questions.




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