Where’s My Kiddos?

When I first started writing stories about the boys, my mom was my audience.

All the old stories that I share about the boys, my mom read first.

My audience eventually expanded to include mothers-in-law, sisters, aunts, uncles, a cousin in Washington, some of my husband’s coworkers, my mom’s coworkers, more cousins… But my mom was my biggest fan, because she loved me, of course, but she absolutely adored the subject matter.

She never had a chance to read my blog.

But, today, in honor of my mom, I thought I would share a story from 2000. Elder would have only been four, but he already understood how grandmas worked and exactly who they worked for, one in particular…

Thursday night, as we were driving home from the babysitter, Elder announced, “Mom, we have to go to Maw-Maw Songbird’s tomorrow.”

“Oh, we do?”

“Uh-huh.  Because she’s gonna look around and say, ‘Where’s my kiddo’s?  I haven’t seen ’em in forever.’ So, we have to go to Maw-Maw’s tomorrow.  Okay?”

So, Elder went to Maw-Maw Songbird’s on Saturday, so that Maw-Maw wouldn’t be looking for her kiddos.  He’s so thoughtful that way.

And I wish every mother, grandmother, and woman who delights in looking for their kiddos a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day!!

And for those missing the one who once looked for them, I hope you have a blessed, full-of-beautiful-memories Mother’s Day, too…




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