Small Town

We live in a small town.

Actually, we live about a mile outside a small town.

A very small town.

But it has a lot of character. Rough and tumble buildings, rough and tumble citizens.

The other day, my husband and I were driving along the main road through the town, and we missed our turn, which in itself is a feat. There’s only about three turns one can make. Missing one takes a bit of doing. But we had managed the doing.

So, my husband turned down another street, hoping to loop around to the main road. But we got held up in a traffic jam. Our truck idling in the middle of the street, we waited as three hens, a rooster, and a turkey crossed the road in front of us.

My husband scratched his forehead, his eyes on the parade of poultry.

I snorted a laugh.

But I guess the joke was on us, because the reason the chickens and turkey crossed the road, really was…

To get to the other side





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