Raindrops Keep Falling

We just finished another baseball season. At the awards banquet, Elder received the Defensive Player of the Year award for the second year in a row. Quite a difference from his time on the diamond in 2001…

The game scheduled for Thursday night was cancelled due to the high school baseball team appearing in the State 2A Championship game.  So, Elder played Friday night.

Apparently, in the dugout during the first or second inning, he discovered that pebbles bouncing of his helmet-covered head did not cause injury.  But then his dad leaned over, removed his helmet, and told him, “All right, Elder.  Three outs.  Get your glove and get on second base.”

Only Elder still had a hand full of pebbles.

Now, he has a head full of dents.

Then, during the last inning, it started raining, but, much to our dismay, the coaches were determined to finish the game.  And, soon, it became obvious that playing in the rain was a relatively new experience for Elder.  He finished the last half of the inning with his head tilted back and his mouth wide open while he darted and dodged around the infield, all his attention focused on catching raindrops.

When the other kids managed to snag the ball, they would draw their arms back to throw it to second base then simply stall and stare at Elder wandering blindly around the bases.

Now, I know the other kids were not fully intent on the game at hand.  One girl sang to herself in right field, another little girl picked grass, at least one other boy played in the dirt.  However, Elder was the only one to leave the field with his thirst fully quenched.

As we were walking to our car, Younger on my hip and Elder’s hand tucked firmly in mine, we tramped past a small gathering of spectators supporting the other team and I heard one man comment, “That second baseman cracked me up.”

Yeah, if he gets any more amusing, we’re charging admission.


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