A Public Announcement

Today, at lunch, I attempted to call Elder on his phone.

“Hello,” he answered in a whisper.

“Hey,” I responded. “Are you done with football practice?”

“We’re hanging out,” he told me, still whispering but with an edge to his voice.

“Okay?” I murmured, confused.

“Look, Mom, I’ll talk to you later,” he whispered before I had an answer to the question I needed to ask. “Bye.”

Pulling my phone away from my ear, I studied the brightly lit screen, trying to determine the seriousness of the little pings bouncing on my mom radar screen.

Fortunately, about ten minutes later, after a couple of impatient texts sent to both boys, my phone suddenly trilled with Elder’s designated ringtone. And no one was dead or even seriously injured or hiding some evil secret — like a girl — from his mother.

And, now, I will — randomly — make a public announcement.

If you receive a call from me while you are occupied in a restroom, you don’t have to answer. You can just call me back.

In fact, I would prefer you would.



2 responses to “A Public Announcement

  1. Oh! I was SOOO waiting for you to say it was a girl! I guess I’m slightly relieved though because I know everything you go through I will soon follow…

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