Color Me Crazy

The changing seasons has reminded me of an old story from 2007. Younger would have been eight years old…

After a day of bowling pumpkins, dunking for apples and riding hayrides at the church, the boys were slumped in the back seat of the truck, expending only the energy required to push the buttons on their electronic games.  But after driving in silence for about twenty minutes, I drew their attention to the trees that were brandishing leaves of various shades of red and orange and yellow.

“Isn’t it amazing the simple pleasures God has given us?” I asked them.

“I know,” Younger agreed.  “The world would be really boring without color.”  He thought for a moment.  “Cats would be boring without color.”

Of course, his first thoughts are always about cats.

“There wouldn’t be any beauty contests,” he added.

I grinned.  But it was his next observation that really cracked me up.

“And we’d keep getting our flags mixed up.”

Ahh, Younger…You never know exactly where his thoughts are coming from, and you’re never sure where they’re going, but he always takes you for an interesting ride.

Another simple pleasure God has given me.


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