Life Is Funny

At the beginning of the football season, the coach asked the parents of seniors to each choose one Thursday night during the season to host dinner. My husband and I selected the Thursday night before the last game. We had two reasons.

First, we wanted to ensure that we would not accidentally choose a night when Younger had a junior varsity game, so we picked a night after his season was complete.

Second, we hoped to avoid taxing our memories with any actual dates. We just had to remember we hosted the football seniors on the Thursday night before the last game.

So simple.

One would assume.

Which was our mistake.

Let me tell you, I was proud of my accomplishments today. I vacuumed, bleached, washed, straightened, tossed, scrubbed, stuffed, and hid more than I have since my last party.

I baked chocolate chip cookies, Elder’s grandma made cinnamon rolls, and his grandpa brought us a cooler filled with drinks.

I dragged the card table and chairs from the basement, banging, clanging, and muttering my way up every stair.

At 3:00, I was confident, totally prepared for these sixteen football players to invade my home.

Then my phone rang.

“Mom,” Elder greeted me in a rush, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t call before. I’m sorry, but we are all going to Joe’s house tonight. They are coming to our house next Thursday. I’m sorry.”

I greeted him with silence.

“Mom? I’m sorry?”

I blinked. “Okay.”

“I love you, Mom. See you tonight. I’m sorry.”




“Bye, Mom.”

He did call before I ordered the ten pizzas.

I don’t know what we would have done with ten pizzas.

I’m afraid I do know what we’ll do with two dozen cinnamon rolls and four dozen chocolate chip cookies. Those divide up a lot differently between the four of us than sixteen hungry teenage boys. I don’t even do math and I have that figured.

Next week is the first round of districts, which might technically be viewed as the last known game of the season. Which might have been the last game listed on the sheet. Which might have been where the misunderstanding started.

Ten weeks ago.

Life is funny sometimes.

Let me know when to laugh.


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