Perfect in Every Way

Merry Christmas!!

Here is an old story from 2001 when Elder was four years old…

The other night, I was saying prayers with Elder — a special prayer asking God for Elder to have good dreams.  I had just finished when Elder tacked on, “And help so-and-so be a better person.”

So, I quickly added, “And help Elder be a better person, too.”

“No,” he rebuked.  “No.  I’m already a better person.”

“But, Elder, we can all be better people.  Mommy can be a better person.  Daddy can be a better person.  And you can be a better person.”

“No,” he denied.  “See, I was born a special baby, and I’ve already figured out how to be nice.  So, I don’t have to be a better person.”

Having no luck in convincing the child that he could stand some improvement, I ended the prayer and told him to go to sleep.  Four years old and already perfect, where did the rest of us go so wrong?

Actually, now that I consider it, I’m nigh on perfect myself, so I guess my real question is…

Where did you all go so wrong?


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