No Problem

Elder is now playing basketball.

Well, actually, I guess, technically, he’s playing football on a court with fewer guys and a rounder ball.

After one game, his aunt was teasing him about the pushing and shoving in which he and an opposing player had engaged beneath the basket. A battle of pure wills that had the other player in such a state of agitation he had earned a technical foul.

A little sheepish, Elder shrugged with an air of confusion. “Yeah, I don’t know what his problem was. All he had to do was let me stand in front of him.”

Such a simple view of defense in any sport.

Just allow me to prevent you from winning.

All I want to do is keep you from putting that ball through that hoop, into that net, across that line, over that fence.

All you have to do is let me.

So where’s your problem?


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