Firsts…and Lasts


Elder graduates.

He played his last baseball game on Saturday.

We attended the last award ceremony this morning.

And tonight…he graduates.

So, today, I thought I would share a story from the night before his first day of kindergarten in 2002…

So, my baby started kindergarten last Thursday. I’m not exactly sure who told him he could. I’m not exactly sure why I allowed it. I’ve tried and tried to squish him back into a baby. But he squirms and asks, “You’re just joking, right, Mommy?” And I answer, “Right,” and squeeze a little harder. And still he grows.

Last Wednesday night, I sent him to bed a little early, wanting him to be well-rested for the next morning. Half an hour later, I stepped into the room, finding his eyes watching me as I tripped towards the bed.

“Too excited to sleep?” I asked, knowing the first day of school had always kept me awake the night before and promised to do so again.

He nodded enthusiastically. “I just can’t stop thinking about that Donkey Kong.”

I have a feeling school will be a lot harder for me than him…


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