No More Pencils, No More Books…

Seniors always finish the school year before the other students.


Somehow, though, Younger, despite conversations at home and celebrations at school, had not picked up on that one simple fact.

“You mean,” he launched immediately upon opening my truck door after school last Tuesday, “that today is Elder’s last day of school?”

Confused, I studied him, tilting my head to the side. “Yeah.”

“You’re telling me that he doesn’t have to go back tomorrow?” he continued, throwing his duffel bag over the seat into the back floorboard.

“Um, yeah.”

“And I don’t get done until Friday?” he demanded. Then he slumped in his seat, arms crossed over his chest. “How is that even fair?”

Elder may not be in a hurry to leave high school, but Younger, well, his senior year may be the only year he never prays for snow…


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