A Losing Argument

Today, I thought I would share an old story from 2001 when Elder was not quite five…

Last night, my husband was playing a video game, while Elder watched, constantly asking questions. Eventually, my husband tried to rely on one standard answer — “I don’t know, Elder.”

But Elder was having nothing of it and continued to pepper Daddy with questions.

“Daddy, what is that?” Elder asked.

“I don’t know, Elder,” my husband replied.

“No, but, Daddy, that thing right by the ball. What is it?”

“I don’t know, Elder.”

“Daddy, did you see the ball?”


“Well, what is the thing right beside it?”

“I don’t know, Elder.”

“Daddy,” Elder cried in frustration. “It’s a fence. Right? It’s fence, isn’t it, Daddy?”

“I guess,” my husband responded, exasperated. “If it’s a fence, it’s a fence.”

Elder paused. “No, it’s not, Daddy.”

We always knew that any argument with a four-year-old was a losing one.

We just didn’t realize that we would still be wrong, even when they supplied the answer.


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