Laugh in the Morning

I usually drive Younger to school in the mornings. Last year, he rode with Elder. So, he hasn’t ridden the bus regularly in the morning since Middle School. But on those long gone days, I would watch him trudge unenthusiastically around the front of the bus, then, as he would climb the first step, the bus driver would throw her head back and laugh while Younger trudged unenthusiastically to his seat.

I never knew what he said to her, just that he entertained her daily with his honest comments on returning to school for yet another day.

Today, the school practiced a late start in preparation for snow days. So, for the first time in more than a year, Younger trudged unenthusiastically in front of the waiting bus. Then he climbed the first step and, from my watchful position, I saw the bus driver suddenly break into laughter. And Younger trudged unenthusiastically to his seat.

I don’t know what he said to her. I don’t really have to know. Because I know Younger.

And he’s usually my laugh in the morning, too.


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