Cold Fusion Baldness

Younger is out of data.


So, as he is always looking for an excuse to visit his grandparents and Internet works as well as any, he texted his grandma, inviting himself to her house. And she accepted the invitation.

But he would have to share the house with seven ladies.

“I’ll stay in the basement,” Younger assured me. “They’ll never even see me.”

Because he is allergic to people. So am I a little.

“I’m impressed Grandma has the energy to have a party after working all day. I just want to go bed when I get home.”

“Cold fusion,” Younger announced. “Her source of energy is cold fusion.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Mm-hmmm,” he assured me. “It explains Grandpa losing his hair, too. ”

He has all the answers.

Not the right answers.

But he has answers.


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