Early yesterday morning, I had a minor medical screening that required anesthesia, and I was told I could drive this morning, depending on how I felt. So, this morning, as Younger and I climbed into the car, I suggested he help me to pay attention, just in case effects were still lingering unrecognized.

“Those are cows,” he told me slowly, pointing to a neighboring field as we pulled onto the highway.

“I meant in the general sense of the road.”

“Just before us, the road takes a gentle curve to the left.”

My jaw tightened.

“We are meeting a car,” he enunciated carefully. “Just stay in the right lane.”

“Do you want to drive?” I challenged.

“No.” But then he admitted in a happy tone, “I want to irritate you.”

Younger now knows . . .

Honesty is not always the best policy.


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