Sixteen More Days…

I’m like a kid counting down to summer.

Sixteen more days of school left.

And then I can sleep until noon, spend the afternoon on the X-Box, and complain when I’m asked to feed the dogs that I begged to bring into our family.

Except, apparently, I’m a grown-up.

Stupid maturity.

It ruins everything.


That’ll Learn Me

I am in the last course of my Master’s program. And I am in countdown mode. Four weeks and three days left.

Of course, those four weeks and three days might kill me.

For my last assignment –– if one ignores my thesis, which I do every chance I get –– I have had to create two websites, one for my academic portfolio and one for my professional portfolio. I have cried over these websites. I have laughed over these websites. The laughter may have been tinged with hysteria, but anyone who can ignore a thesis can ignore mania just as well.

But last night, I thought I would finally share my progress with my loving and oh-so-supportive family.

Then Younger glanced at the computer screen and said, with a shrug, “Looks like what we had to build for a class.”

Well, that’s just lovely. I mean, really, it is.

Nineteen months and thousands and thousands of dollars later, and I’m on par with my seventh grader.

Boy, am I laughing now.